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Reiki Certification

Qi Gong/Breathwork Class

Learn to Massage

Rich is a Reiki Master who is a registered Reiki Master teacher with The International Association of Reiki Professionals and is an Affiliate Member of The Reiki Membership Association. He has been practicing and teaching Reiki and other energy work seminars in the metro-Atlanta area for over 7 years.

We offer various levels/programs such as:

Reiki I and Reiki II $395
These classes are taught together as a two-day intensive workshop

Advanced Reiki Training/Reiki Master $795
These classes are taught together as a two-day intensive workshop

*We offer continued support as you learn and grown with your new healing techniques. We provide a manual from The International Center for Reiki Training and a two-hour follow up session that you can use whenever you are ready. We are always available by email as well for any additional suggestions, advice or helpful information. We want you to succeed!

Rich is a certified Qi Gong Instructor with The Supreme Science Qi Gong Center. Our Qi Gong instruction is provided as a one-on-one guided experience to ensure that the student learns proper protocols and form.


  1. Improves the motion of blood, warms the blood and enhances whole body circulation.
  2. Stimulates healthy appetite, sex function, assimilation of nutrients, digestion and elimination.
  3. Accelerates metabolism, weight loss/gain, decreases the need for sleep and promotes endurance.
  4. Bolsters immunity by reducing cortisol, the catabolic hormone an inhibitor of cytokine.
  5. Develops dexterity and quick reflexes.  Weight bearing Qigong prevents Osteoporosis in clinical studies.
  6. Opens arteries allowing greater brain-based microcirculation to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Enhances mental acuity, focus and concentration.
  8. Helps us to calm down, relax and become more peaceful.
  9. Remarkably improves results of hands on healing, such as Reiki.
  10. 10.Deepens the connection with our SPIRIT connecting us to God/Source.

Two hour intro: $ 99
One hour class: $ 79
*It is recommended that one commit to a series of classes to develop this new technique, so we offer packages to help save some money…
$249 for a package of 5 sessions which can be used as you see fit.

It is so important to understand some basic applications of massage therapy so that when someone wants to massage a loved one, and does not have the proper training, they can facilitate a heathy and safe experience. We offer classes to anyone that wants to learn the art of healthy massage. We offer one-on-one and couples massage seminars, but we also do presentations for Fortune 500 companies, trade shows, workshops, parties and events.

Healing touch classes:

(Couple or two Students)
60 Minute session $ 99
90 Minute session $ 129

Girls’ Night In Packages vary
Pamper Me Parties FREE for the host
Stress Reduction Parties FREE for the host
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